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              HC Series Hydrocyclone

              HC Series Hydrocyclone

              HC Series Hydrocyclone


              -The continuous separation, concentration and washing of the starch and the modified starch made from potato, tapioca, sweet potato, wheat and other grain (rice).
              -The clarification and washing of the suspension in other food and chemical industry.

              Design Features:

              -The shell and tube of the whole hydrocyclone are made of 304 stainless steel, and the cone is made of the wear-resistant engineering plastic.
              -The seal of the entire system only uses 3 O-shaped rings. The quick-open doors connected with the hinges and the quick-replacement flow tube plate could work out by the front door shutting.
              -The hygienic-class pipeline valve and system running in totally enclosed. The CIP can be cleaned conveniently and makes the bacteria rarely grow.
              -With few manual operation and stable working pressure, the machine could be centralized controlled by PID or PLC system.
              -The whole machine running with the light vibration and low noise and the highly efficient and continuous separation, which is stable and little water consumption.

              Performance Parameters:      

              Models Working    Pressure Flow    Range Installed    Power Processing Capacity Net Weight(kg)
              HC300/15 4.5-8.5 15-20 145 1.0-2.0 3200
              HC400/15 4.5-8.5 25-30 225 2.5-3.0 4000
              HC450/15 4.5-8.5 35-40 290 3.0-5.0 4600
              HC500/15 4.5-8.5 45-50 330 4.0-6.0 5550
              HC550/15 4.5-8.5 55-60 350 6.0-8.0 6500
              HC600/15 4.5-8.5 60-65 390 8.0-10 8000






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