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              RS Series Hi-efficiency Centrifugal Sieve

              RS Series Hi-efficiency Centrifugal Sieve


              To separate the dreg from the slurry in the processing of starch made from potato, tapioca, sweet potato, wheat and other grain (rice).


              Design Features:

              -The unique internal and external cleaning nozzles can prevent the sieve surface from jamming, which makes sure the equipment to operate continuously for long term.

              -The special tailor-made arrangement of the holes on the mesh and sieve could increase the productivity up to 99% and even more.

              -The special seal structure of transmission box provides the ideal sealing condition between the sieve and discharging chamber.

              -The whole producing progress doesn’t need the extra lubrication with the original double-sides SKF seal bearings.

              -The main shaft coordinates well with the sieve in special technique, to ensure the whole machine in light vibration and low noise.

              -The special fiber pump and de-foaming pump result in the small foam and large capacity. 


              Performance Parameters:

                Models         Mainshaft Rotary  Speed    Motor Power       Processing Capacity Net Weight (kg)  
              RS650 1200 7.5-11 5-15 810-850
              RS3*650 1200 64.5 5-15 2750
              RS850 1200 15-37 20-30 1025-1200
              RS3*850 1200 127.5 20-30 3700
              RS1050 900 30-45 30-45 1250-1340
              RS3*1050 900 171.5 30-45 4150



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